Ladies Of Harley

More women than ever before are enjoying the world of motorcycling either as a rider or pillion, it’s a very positive trend! But there may be a misconception about ‘Ladies of Harley’ (LOH) so let’s clarify why LOH exists, and how it is vital to any Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.®) Chapter.

LOH is a program sponsored by the H.O.G.® to support all female motorcycle enthusiasts – riders and pillions – and help them become more active members of H.O.G.® and their local Chapters. You must be a member of H.O.G.® to be affiliated with LOH.

Although LOH is free of charge to active HOG members, Ladies of Harley affiliation is not automatic, so if you would like to join contact the national HOG office.

LOH offers members a special embroidered patch and pin during their first year of membership, and on each annual renewal LOH members receive a pin indicating the year of membership.

While more and more women are riding their own bikes, pillions (and non-rider partners should they want to) should feel equally included and involved should they want to be, and if they eventually catch the bug and decide to learn to ride themselves, we will give them all the support they want to get them through their test!

LOH membership allows you to not only participate locally, but also in all the LOH activities at various H.O.G.® rallies and events. These may include ‘meet and greets’, workshops, seminars, and other special events.

LOH is an additional benefit designed to better serve member’s needs, we act as a “welcoming committee” for new members to help them feel at home in their new environment and encourage more women to be involved in an activity that was traditionally male dominated. It is nothing to do with excluding the men, far from it, they are always welcome, but some activities may be more appealing to the ladies.